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So many movies, so little time! Two cinephile friends, David and Alain, watch movies that at least one of them has never seen before and discuss whether it was worth the wait, if the movie holds up, and would they watch it again.


After getting his degree in filmmaking, moving to L.A. and writing for various people and companies, Alain now lives in Florida with his wife and 3 cats and doesn't make films anymore but he sure likes to talk about them! Realizing there is a lot of movies he's never seen and always thinking he's going to get around to them, starting the podcast seemed like the sure fire way of securing the discipline necessary to finish his mission; WATCH EVERY MOVIE!

About The


David, always being a fan of cinema, old and new, grew up with a wide range of classic films, but mainly focused on certain genres. Thinking to widen his genre horizons and love for all films, he wanted I Finally Watched... to work out because now he has a good excuse to watch movies all day instead of working!


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