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Episode 1 - Starting A Podcast

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

When the events of 2020 hit and you find yourself watching an absurd amount of films and tv shows AND then you find yourself talking about the said media to your friend. An idea strikes... PODCAST!

There was a lot of things to figure out while starting a podcast! First thing was where do you post your podcast? I mean you listen to podcasts on various listening apps such as Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher, but how exactly do you get your podcast on those sites? I mean, you're not a "professional" and YOU don't have any connections pithing the industry, so where do you start?

Maybe you are like us and thought YouTube might be a good upload place for your work? A thought has occurred... YouTube primarily caters to visual media, but podcast is audio and there has to be a better way?! You start doing research and see that there is something you're missing... A host! Well, you're the host?! That's not the kind of host we mean here though. A podcast host site is a one stop shop site where you can upload your podcast to what's called an RSS feed and that feed can now distribute to any and every podcast outlet you desire! The well known host sites are Buzzsprout, Podbean, and Anchor by Spotify. You can start free or get Premium hosting for as little as $100 a year! We chose Podbean and love them a lot! We are even affiliated with them to get you a month free at

A good mission and a supporting host site is a very strong foundation into starting a successful podcast! Better sound quality and social media reach is a topic we'll cover later!

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